A crematorium is a building where cremations are held. It is the main alternative to holding a funeral in church.

The Service

If you choose a cremation, one of the first things to decide is what sort of service you would like and where to hold it. You might want to hold it at the crematorium or, if you prefer, you can hold the service in another place, such as a church, and then have a shorter service called a ‘committal’ at the crematorium.


The charge for the crematorium will vary depending on which Crematorium you choose. Dean Harper Funeral Directors will be able to let you know what the costs are for the crematoria in your area.

Regulations for Cremations

There are restrictions about what may be cremated with the person who has died – for example materials such as some metals are forbidden. Some families like to place cards or letters with their loved one and even items such as jewellery.  We at Dean Harper Funeral Directors will be able to here to advise you on all the regulations.