Pre Paid Funerals

What  is  a  Pre  Paid  Funeral  Plan ?

A funeral plan allows you to pre-arrange your funeral today, secured at current prices. You can choose to pay in one lump sum or through installments. The cost will depend on the customers requests.

It is not an insurance policy.  You will pay the amount to Golden Charter Trust who will place your money in to a trust fund which will be managed by them for when the need arises.

What  are  the  benefits  to  you  and  your family ?

Your family will have the financial pressure of arranging and paying for a funeral eased, and you will know that everything will be carried out as you wanted it.

We can visit you in your own home at a day and time to suit you and your family members,  at our Funeral Directors or you can speak to us on the phone.

We are here to offer advice and expertise which covers all aspects of arranging a funeral for the future.

What  does  a  Funeral  Plan  cover  and  include?
  1.  The Funeral Director’s costs
  2.  Disbursements associated with Cremation or Burial Disbursements
  3.  Doctors Fees if a Cremation
  4.  Clergy Fees

Any rise in the cost of the Cremation or Burial Disbursements, Doctors Fees or Clergy Fees may require a further payment from your estate, executor or family at the time the funeral is arranged.

Payment  Options:

There are three simple payment options available:

  • Lump Sum Payment.  The payment is made direct to Golden Charter Trust  (our Nominated Pre Paid Funeral Planner)
  • Installment Option.  This is where you pay a monthly fee over 1 to 5 years.  You will be charged interest to do this by Golden Charter.
  • Deposit Option.  This is where you can pay a deposit then pay the balance over 12 months interest free.
What’s  involved  in  taking  out  a  Plan?
  •  We will sit down with you and go through all the options available for the funeral and services you would like to include in your personal Funeral Plan.
  • We will help you complete the necessary documentation. You will always have the opportunity to take it away and complete it with a family member or friend.
  • You decide which payment option to choose.
  • The documentation and payment form is then sent to Golden Charter Trust who will process your plan and issue you with a plan certificate and the necessary information.


Please contact Dean Harper Funeral Directors on 01922 638855 for more help and advice.